Welcome to Mindburner's vintage synthesizer and audio site.

Ilove the styling of old analogue synths, like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

ISelect the pictures below to get information about the vintage equipment in my collection. Some pages will have repair information and modifications that I have carried out. If doing any of these yourself, take proper care. Nothing shown here is binding. For information only.

Roland JX-8P/PG-200






Sequential Circuits

Prophet 5

Sequential Circuits


Vintage Audio


Moog Prodigy

Teisco 60f

Prophet 5






Teisco 60f


Roland JX-8P / PG800 Programmer
Roland VP330 plus Vocoder
Moog The Rogue Roland Juno 106 Crowminius Minimoog build

JX8P & PG800

VP330 plus Vocoder

moog logo juno 106 crowminius


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